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Thor – God of the Daisies

Thor, a 12 year old rabbit from Torquay spent a lovely afternoon in the wedding garden

We had a particularly special visitor at the hotel today. Thor is a 12 year old rabbit who hails from Torquay. He arrived with the Treehouse wedding party and made himself right at home in the garden.

Thor doesn’t get around quite as quickly as he used to and his eyesight isn’t what it was (I know how he feels), but after a few minutes to get his bearings, he was scampering around quite merrily. Daisies are apparently a favourite of his and with the lawn having been cut a few days ago, and a new batch in bloom, Thor certainly seemed to be in heaven.

Thor’s owner said he hadn’t seen him this animated for a long time, and not even a handful of daisies could distract him from exploring the bushes and hedges in the wedding garden. It soon became apparent why Thor sports a 15’ lead.

Between Thor’s jet-black colouring and his scampering around, our pictures really don’t do justice to just how sweet this little guy is, but it was an absolute delight to share half an hour with him on this beautiful first day of June.

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