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Sustainable Practices

These days sustainability is more than just a buzzword; it’s an essential part of the way we all do business. Best practices in sustainability help us to keep our costs down, and in turn, our prices, and contribute to a healthier environment for future generations. 


The hotel has a biofuel boiler for the majority of the hotel’s heating and all hot water. We receive deliveries of pellets every couple of months – the dust from which only occasionally sets off the fire alarm!


The hotel has a reedbed for natural greywater processing. In a recent water survey, it was noted that the water readings were amongst the best ever tested.


We’re all recycling these days, but it’s important to ensure that the proper systems are in place to facilitate simple and effective processing of recyclable materials, ensuring as little wate as possible ends up in landfill. 

Grounds & River

Our head groundskeeper is a keen advocate of sustainable practices and helps to guide our efforts in best practices. From protecting animal habitats and providing suitable shelters to proper composting and selection of bee-friendly plants, we try to find a harmonious balance between maintaining attractive grounds and creating a habitat suitable for local wildlife. 

Our river is a precious and delicate resource that we’re most fortunate to have. This year we’ve been supporting Courage Copse Creatives in their project to raise awareness of the river system. Having kayaked from ‘source to sea’, they’ve been collecting stories and experiences of the journey and sharing them with the communities through local events, including a performance in the meadow at the hotel. Last year they organised the for the local primary school to come down to the hotel’s stretch of river, explore aquatic life and take measurements to test the quality  of the water. Instilling awareness of the issues and challenges faced by a connected system like the Taw Valley and river is critically important to the future of the system, and something we have been very proud to be involved in. 

We do minimal river bank grooming in order to maintain a largely natural state. We have spotted beavers and otters, kingfishers, herons, owls and a wide variety of birds. Our anglers practice catch and release with barbless hooks and minimal handling of fish to ensure their safe return.

Electric Tools

We’ve made the decision to go with electric tools, where ever possible at the hotel. These days tools from companies like Ego are on a par with their fuel based counterparts, but have the advantage of being kinder to the environment, but also kinder on the ears of guests of the hotel!

Car Charging

Guests with electric cars can use outdoor outlets to charge their vehicles. At present we don’t have 3-phase at the hotel which limits us to slow charging, but we are in negotiation with a car charging firm to bring it onto the property and offer fast-charge capabilities.

Closed for Private Function

Please note that the hotel and restaurant are closed today (Saturday 8 June) for a private function. 

We will be open to the public tomorrow as usual and apologise for any inconvenience. 

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