Dogs at the Fox & Hounds

We love dogs at the Fox & Hounds and they are welcome in all parts of the hotel with the exception of a few guest rooms. To help ensure that all guests at the hotel have an equally enjoyable stay, guests with dogs are requested to observe the following rules.

Pet Gallery

We’ve added a Pet Gallery to remember some of our recent special guests, and hope that you enjoy looking through the gallery as much as we do!


When not in your room, dogs must be on lead in the hotel and in the upper parts of the property, above the leat.

In the middle gardens, between the leat and the railway, dogs must be under close control.

Dogs may be off-lead in the lower gardens, after you pass under the railway, and are free to run around, but please ensure that you have control of your dog at all times, and respect the space of other guests and dog owners on the property.

During winter months or after heavy rains, the river can high and fast flowing, representing a danger to dogs. Please always check the condition of the river before letting your dog off-lead.

Dog Bins

We ask that owners clear up after their dogs in all areas of the property. Spare bags are available at receptions, if you run out.

Dog bins are dotted around the property as indicated on the map below. Please only use bins marked for dog use, as unmarked bins belong to private residents.

Dog Walks

Dogs are welcome all around the grounds and in the river – but please make sure the water levels are safe before letting your dog off lead, and respect distances if you see someone fishing.

There are many nearby off-road and forest walks within minutes of the hotel. Full details, including maps can be found on the Walks page. The A377 road immediately outside the hotel has fast moving traffic and little in the way of verge, so please take care if walking along that road.


We recognise that dogs will be dogs, but in so far as it is possible, please try to ensure that your pup is on its best behaviour.

Dogs that continually bark or exhibit aggressive behaviour towards guests or other dogs are not permitted at the hotel. If you are not certain about your dog’s social skills, it may be preferable to leave your pet at home.

Dogs in Rooms

While in your room, dogs must be calm, and not bark or disturb other guests. Calm dogs may be left in your room for a short time, for example, if you prefer not to bring them to the restaurant. Dogs must not be left alone in your room for prolonged periods and must not left if you are planning to leave the hotel.

Thank you

Thank you for your enquiry.

A member of the Fox & Hounds team will get in touch with you shortly and will be happy to discuss your requirements and answer any question you may have. 

Thank you

Thank you for applying to join Friends of the Fox & Hounds. A member of the team will review your application and once complete, will issue you with a membership number that you can use to take advantage of special member-only offers.  In the meantime, detailed information about the program, including Terms & Conditions can be found here.