Fishing Terms & Conditions

Fishing T&Cs and Safety

Terms and Conditions

Permission to fish identified beats on the River Taw and River Torridge is granted by The Fox and Hounds Country Hotel to named individuals on behalf of the hotel under the terms and conditions below. If you do not agree to these conditions, you must not fish. In many cases, fishing rights are owned by separate parties and the land is owned by another party. To ensure the rights of all stakeholders are protected, please ensure that the following rules are adhered to.

  1. Only the person named on the Fishing Ticket(s) issued by the hotel is permitted to fish, on the day(s) and beat(s) identified.
  2. Anglers fish at their own risk. Neither the hotel, landowner or holder of the fishing rights can be held accountable for any accident or injury, including death, sustained while fishing or while on beat property.
  3. Anglers must keep to the identified pathways (normally within 10 feet of the river) to avoid accidental trespass on landowner property. Follow the Countryside Code.
  4. Dogs are not permitted to accompany anglers on any beat.
  5. All fishing bylaws must be adhered to at all times (see over).
  6. Anglers must carry a valid Rod Licence while fishing.
  7. Anglers must comply with requests by fishing bailiffs, landowners and hotel staff.
  8. Catch returns, including Null Returns should be submitted daily.
  9. Anglers must use best practice when playing, landing, handling and releasing fish.
  10. Failure to comply with the stated terms may result in the withdrawal of permission to fish.

Safety Information

The beats on the River Taw and River Torridge undergo minimal maintenance to preserve the nature of the river. The beats include high river banks, makeshift steps and ladders, changing water levels and debris, both visible and under the water. These factors can present serious danger to the angler and each angler must assess the risk and act accordingly. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Assess all conditions and risks, including water levels, terrain and assistance devices, such as ladders, and if uncertain, do not proceed.
  2. Take care while wading and proceed with caution as water depth can change quickly and underwater hazards may not be apparent.
  3. Wear suitable wading gear and footwear.
  4. Wear a buoyancy device and use a wading stick.
  5. Let a responsible party know your estimated time of departure and return.
  6. Be aware of relevant safety-related contact numbers, as well as the hotel telephone (01769 580345).

River Taw Byelaws


  • Salmon – 1st March to 30th September
  • Sea Trout – 15th March to 30th September
  • Brown Trout – 15th March to 30th September

Fly fishing is permitted all season. Spinning permitted until 31 March, but no other method or bait fishing permitted. No rod-caught salmon or sea trout to be sold or offered for sale.


 No salmon to be retained before 16th June. No salmon greater than 70cm in length to be retained after 31 July. Salmon bag limits are two fish in any 24 hour period or three fish in any seven day period and a total of ten fish in a season.
Sea Trout are limited to five fish in any 24 hour period, fifteen fish in any seven day period and a total of forty fish in a season. Size limit is 25cm

Brown Trout size limit 20cm.


The above bag limits should not be regarded as targets and Taw fishermen are encouraged to operate as far within these limits as they can. RTFA supports “catch and release” especially for larger fish, the important broodstock of the future. This includes all sea trout over 5lbs. At present on the Taw over 66% of salmon are returned and the Association is keen that this level should be maintained or increased. Sustaining stocks is key to the future.
RTFA has a continuing commitment to restoring fish abundance on the Taw system. Jointly with the Torridge Association they have arranged the buy-out of eleven of the fourteen estuary netsmen and in conjunction with the Westcountry Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency are implementing plans for improving habitat and enhancing access over weirs for all fish in the Taw system.

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